Grade 000 – 12

As a school, we acknowledge that raising children and training them for life is primarily the responsibility of the parent but we also believe that optimal development occurs when the family, church and school work together for the well-being of the child.

The school exists to train Christian leaders who will serve nations. We provide a Christian environment in which all teachers are born again and offer a Biblical perspective on their subjects. We have an active discipleship programme which takes place formally in weekly discipleship classes and informally as opportunities present themselves.

Weekly chapel services are a highlight of the school programme. During these times pupils are led into worship, the teaching of the Word and in ministry one to another.

Staff members are required to make themselves available to discuss essential life issues with pupils. We also have a full-time pastor who focuses on the spiritual well-being of the school and assists with any counselling of pupils and families.

A special feature of the school is the relationship between staff and pupils. Our staff members care sincerely for students and have been well equipped to encourage youngsters in spiritual growth.

We aim to have each pupil in the school involved in some form of outreach to which end, regular opportunities are facilitated by the school.

We also realise that the habit of caring and serving begins ‘at home’ – it is with this in mind that we have developed an inreach programme. Being a school that caters for pupils from Grade 000 to Grade 12, it is important to provide opportunities for the younger and older pupils to relate and for Godly values to be imparted across age boundaries.


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