Hatfield Christian School Management Structure


The School Council is the legal governing body of the school and makes decisions on policy matters affecting the school. This function is largely governed by long term planning. Representation comprises a Church Executive member, the Executive Principal, Head of High School, Head of Primary School, Academic Director, Chairperson of the Parents’ Association and other co-opted members acting in an advisory capacity.

The day to day running and implementation of school policy is carried out by the School Executive committee. It currently comprises the Executive Principal, Head of High School, Head of Primary School, Academic Director, Phase Leaders, Head of Administration and others.

A Parents Association exists with the objectives of promoting co-operation and fellowship between the parents and staff of the school. They raise funds for school purposes and assist at various functions.

School Leadership

Neil Bester

Chairman of School Council

Graeme Holloway

Executive Principal

Tony Pienaar

 Head of High School

Andrew Bleeker

Head of Primary School

Gail Botha

Director of Academics

Felicity Barber

Deputy Principal Primary School

Dawie Thomas

School Pastor

Felicity Barber

Phase Leader Junior Primary

Caitlin Smart

Phase Leader
Senior Primary

Michelle Holmwood

Phase Leader
Junior Secondary

Gail Botha

Phase Leader
Senior Secondary

Debbie Holloway


Lauren Smith


Kirsty Stokker

Primary School

Chris Almeida

Student Affairs

Mpho Rabolele

High School

Department Heads

Subject Heads High School

Lida Cronje


Julian Hitchcock


Annelise Giddings


Riana van der Merwe

Natural Sciences

Gail Botha

Social Sciences

Subject Heads Primary School

Caitlin Smart


Heads of Department

Dean Dollenberg

Head of Sport

Carina Almeida

Head of Cultural

Debbie Holloway

Administration Department

Laurie van der Merwe

Maintenance Department

Claudine van Tonder

Online School Principal

High School Executive

Tony Pienaar