Junior Primary Phase

Grade 0 – 3

Beginning school is a most exciting, yet crucial time in the life of a child. Whilst the mandate for raising children is given primarily to parents, the school plays a vital role in assisting them in this task. According to Luke 2:49 – 52, Jesus grew in:
Wisdom (Intellectual)
Stature (Physical)
Favour with God (Spiritual)
Favour with man (Social)
This suggests a picture of the well rounded development of the whole child and it is with this in mind that we set our objectives in the Junior Primary Phase.

During the 4 years spent in this phase, emphasis is given to the following aspects of academic development:

  • The art of effective communication – both listening and speaking, reading and comprehension;
  • Writing – which involves both letter formation and creative writing;
  • The emphasis in life skills is on the wonder of creation and our stewardship of the earth;
  • Critical thinking and creativity is encouraged;
  • Mathematical concepts and problem solving are introduced and form part of the daily programme;
  • Music and Art;
  • The daily use of a diary encourages responsibility and accountability.

Pupils are exposed to a wide variety of sport and recreational opportunities – both during the school day and as part of the extramural programme. In addition, class time is also allocated to gross motor development.

Opportunities to develop a healthy attitude, make appropriate choices and value the uniqueness of team dynamics abound on the sports fields.

Respect for our bodies and the consequent importance of a healthy lifestyle is encouraged. Attention is given to eating habits, personal hygiene and the value of appropriate exercise and adequate rest.

Pupils should begin to understand the design of their bodies and be encouraged to develop a lifestyle pattern that will co-operate with this design.

Pupils are strongly encouraged to develop a relationship with God. The foundation is a knowledge of God’s love and acceptance for them and that nothing they can do will separate them from this remarkable love.

These concepts are taught through:

  • The reading and memorizing of Scripture;
  • Regular times of praise and worship;
  • Instruction in the fundamentals of prayer;
  • Discipleship classes and chapel times.

A vast number of social skills are taught formally and gleaned informally during these years. Underlying the skills taught is the truth that each person that we come in contact with is a unique and special creation and should be treated as such.

Areas of focus include:

  • Celebrating God’s diversity as displayed in different cultures, age groupings and genders;
  • The building and nurturing of friendships;
  • The basics of conflict resolution;
  • The understanding of servanthood;
  • Good manners and social graces;
  • The fundamentals of authority and submission;
  • The richness to be found in teams.


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