Junior Secondary Phase

Grade 7 – 9

At our school, a student enters High School at the beginning of Grade 7. During the Junior Secondary phase of his schooling (Grade 7, 8 and 9), he is no longer seen as a child , but rather as a young adult in training, and is treated as such. He is now trained to take up responsibility for his own learning and development, as Jesus appeared to have done from the age of twelve (recorded in Luke 2:42-52). From the latter part of this scripture, “Jesus grew in wisdom, stature and in favour with God and man”, we deduce that Jesus lived a balanced life and took up responsibility for His development and growth in the following areas:

Wisdom (Intellectual)
Stature (Physical)
Favour with God (Spiritual)
Favour with man (Social)

In our school we seek to equip the student for all areas of adult life and train him to become a Christian leader who will serve nations. In order for each student to attain this goal, it is vital that good habits be formed during this critical stage of development. This is only possible with the full co-operation and involvement of parents in the educating of their child. Parents are encouraged to:

  • be consistent role-models for their child, maintaining biblical standards in their homes;
  • show their child unconditional love and acceptance, and build a close, loving relationship;
  • play an active role in disciplining their child, while allowing freedom of choice within clearly defined boundaries;
  • ensure that their child reap the consequences of, and be held accountable fo,r all actions;
  • provide constant supervision of all academic and social activities;
  • treat their child with respect and dignity at all times;
  • pray constantly for their child.
It is our objective for the student to develop Christ-like attitudes and a strong Christian character, while aiming for academic excellence. We provide a wide variety of subjects and try to cater for the different learning styles of students.

Teaching students to think, solve problems and apply their knowledge and creativity to real-life situations, is emphasised. They learn to discern from a biblical worldview.

Good study habits and techniques are developed, as well as basic life skills, such as, time-management, planning of work and the use of a diary.

Knowledge regarding a healthy lifestyle is taught and its application encouraged.

Sport and recreational activities, such as: athletics, swimming, tennis, cricket, soccer and hockey, play an important part in the young adult’s development.

Team co-operation, correct attitude and good manners are learned.

It is during this phase that each student needs to reaffirm his previous commitment to the Lord and take up responsibility for his own spiritual growth by developing a real and living relationship with the Lord. Bible study, prayer and worship are encouraged.

In this phase, it is vital for the young adult to know who he is in Christ – that he is unconditionally loved by God, is made in the image of God and has been given special gifts to fulfill a specific purpose on earth.

It is important that the young adult begins to “move from law to faith”, i.e. to move from responding to external control, to responding to internal control, and has a desire to do what is right in order to please God, rather than to simply avoid punishment.

The young adult learns:

  • about authority and submission;
  • to respect and relate in a loving way to all age groups and cultures;
  • to build friendships and resolve disputes and differences in a biblical way;
  • to relate to the opposite sex according to biblical standards;
  • to resist negative peer pressure;
  • to handle injustice, unfairness and disappointment appropriately;
  • godly principles of leadership, and is given opportunities for developing leadership potential;
  • stewardship – in the areas of the environment, the facilities used, his own and the property of others, finances, abilities, talents, and time;
  • about servanthood, and is given opportunities to serve others in and outside the school;
  • good manners and social graces.


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