Senior Secondary Phase

Grade 10 – 12

Senior School is a significant phase in the development of the child for it is in this time that he/she moves from childhood to adulthood. From the age of twelve, Jesus moved His focus from His earthly father to His heavenly Father although He remained with His parents and was obedient to them. He grew in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man. (Luke 2:49-52)

These are four areas in which we aim at growth in each of the student’s Senior School years, which will help us fulfill our vision to train Christian leaders to serve nations:

Wisdom (Intellectual)
Stature (Physical)
Favour with God (Spiritual)
Favour with man (Social)

Furthermore, there should be a balance between them. By fifteen or sixteen years (Grade 10) young men or women should have assumed significantly more responsibility for their lives than at twelve years and will consequently require far less supervision. They remain however, accountable to both parents and teachers and will need constant encouragement, firm guidance and clear boundaries. In this phase we pursue the following outcomes:

  • Listening skills – student is attentive and responds promptly; picks out main points, comprehends tone and implied meaning as well as surface content.
  • Reading a wide variety of material fluently. [Grade 10]. Reads efficiently: scans and in depth, and is able to interpret tone and more subtle implication.[Grade 11 & 12].
  • Summarising skills.
  • Writing a well reasoned essay (both original & creative, and on topics in other learning areas.) Expresses ideas in systematic paragraphs, each relevant to the central idea.
  • Develops a “Biblical world view” on all of life.
  • Applies knowledge to real-life situations. Analyses and evaluates information in order to provide solutions to problems.
  • Keeps a (homework) diary to enable him to remember and keep all his commitments. Plans and manages time with a monthly and year planner.
  • Develops independent study habits.
  • Gains a deeper understanding of selected fields of study through subject choice.
  • Values physical fitness and is self-motivated to maintain this.
  • Through exposure to various sports and recreational activities, is helped to identify his/her gifts.
  • Team co-operation, correct attitude and sportsmanship remain priorities.
  • Has a real and living relationship with God, which is evidenced, amongst other things, in the fruit of the Spirit and a desire to worship.
  • Has experience in intercession – able to hear from God and pray purposefully and engage in spiritual warfare.
  • Studies the Bible regularly, meditates on the Word and applies truth to personal life.
  • Focuses on a biblical world view – Develops clear convictions and values and an ability to stand for these.
  • Knows who he/she is in Christ – identity based on the truth of being created by God in His image and loved by Him.
  • Is assisted in identifying his motivational gifts (Romans 10). Develops God-given vision and purpose.
  • Develops perseverance, finishes tasks and meets commitments faithfully.
  • Gains a proper view of marriage and sexuality (Grade 12)
  • Relates in a loving way to all groups and cultures.
  • Relates to peers but is not overly influenced at the expense of personal convictions.
  • Relates in a loving way to younger children, providing firm leadership and example.
  • Relates respectfully, but confidently, to elders.
  • Resolves disputes and differences in a Biblical way (the approach recommended in Matthew 18). By Grade 10, should seldom have to call on the help of a teacher, should develop the ability and willingness to approach each other with the right attitude and forgive.
  • Relates easily, but responsibly, to the opposite sex – a willingness to walk within God’s boundaries.


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